Grape Harvest Experience - the events of September in Resort Casa Timiș

Grape Harvest Experience - the events of September in Resort Casa Timiș

Last Sunday, September 3rd 2023, I had the opportunity to participate for the first time at the "Grape Harvest Experience" event organized by Resort Casa Timiș on its estate in Dealu Mare.

I knew about the existence of this event because it is held for the fourth year in a row and it has become a tradition.

I also had it featured last year on Winesday App that I'm constantly updating and I wanted to go. I didn't make it then, but I followed this year's dates because I wanted to have an authentic experience of celebrating autumn by picking grapes and enjoying the fresh must; and here I was at the very first event in this fall.

Casa Timiș stood out since the first year by organizing gastronomic experiences (called "GastroXperiences"), which have become true traditions. I especially watched the event  "Grape Harvest Experience" because it is unique, full of charm and complex in terms of the program.

Being passionate about wine, I want to have the opportunity to enter the vineyard as often as possible, and, admittedly, I've had it quite rarely (during the harvest) until now.

"Grape Harvest Experience" is an event dedicated to the whole family and not only, a highly appreciated experience to which guests return every year, to savor the most beloved gastroXperience in Resort Casa Timiș. I saw countless couples and families with children here enjoying a full autumn day in the middle of nature. It is an exciting and very well organized program that starts with serving of a snack, then continues with the trip to the vineyard where you go equipped with a basket and a special pruning scissors, ready to pick your grapes. Next comes their transformation into must, a habit that you live and feel to the fullest, so that you can then enjoy and savor the delicious must "from your own harvest", and you are even given the opportunity to take it home. The day continued with traditional dishes from aperitiffs, as well as the main course and the desert. The few hours spent at Casa Timiș were accompanied by games and fun for the little ones who had a program with entertainers and live music with Aria Band to complete the authentic holiday experience.

For 8 years since I entered the world of wine, I have always wanted to participate in the autumn celebration, to have an authentic connection with nature and to enjoy the grapes harvest right at their home. I managed to do this only now, after many years since the last trip into grape picking, and it was a special joy, especially since I lived in a place where Tradition and Refinement are at home. I started autumn with a lot of energy, scent of grapes and fresh must. So it will definitely be a rich autumn if it has started so well!

If you also want to come to "Grape Harvest Experience", find out that it is an absolutely special event that I recommend from my heart.

The event continues throughout the month of September: on the dates of September 10th, 17th and 24th, 2023. You can find all the details about the "Grape Harvest Experience" events on Resort Casa Timiș website, here.

A very important aspect: during this event you will have a special gastronomic experience, must and ... grape ice cream. You must try all the delicious dishes, but don't forget the ice cream made of Fetească Neagră grape, which ends the menu beautifully.

Since I got to the culinary delicacies, "VieVinViață" is this year's source of inspiration for Chef Nico Lontras, who will delight you with a special traditional menu. Here are some dishes that remained in my mind:
  • Bread with truffle butter 
  • Tomato salad with lovagepesto, "telemea" cheese and pumpkin seeds
  • Truffle baked beans, pork meatballs and pickled onions
  • Lamb pastrami in the cauldron
  • Casa Timiș potatoes
  • Cheesecake, grape salsa and wine ice cream
Of course, grape picking is at the top of the proposed activities, so get ready for a full day of celebration and excitement in the middle of nature. I wish you a nice time spent there!

Carmina Nițescu & Winesday App

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