Carmina Nițescu

I study and enjoy wine since 2015. I travel, I discover new flavors every day and I love to combine wine with food. I am a “Wine Adventurer”, I organize wine tastings, and here, on Winesday, I talk about wine.

I have a background of 14 years in tourism and event organization and I have been passionate about wine for 5 years. In my case, the true passions do not go unnoticed, so I chose to try to learn as much as I could about wine, to go to tastings and discover the secrets of Bacchus' liqueur, and now I feel ready to pass on what I have learned.

In April 2020 I launched Winesday, a project dedicated to wine lovers but also to those who are only now discovering it.

If with Winesday I organize public and private wine tastings, I accompany groups to wineries and write about wine, with Winesday App I want to get closer to you.

You will find here in the app wineries, accommodation units in wine-growing areas / that have holiday programs that include wine, but also restaurants (which have generous wine lists), wine bars and wine shops in your area.

This way it will be easier for you to discover places with wine from Romania, to taste and learn what you like. In addition, you will find tasting events organized by me or my partners, as well as winery tours and special offers of restaurants, wineries, wine bars and wine shops present in the application.

Carmina Nițescu & Winesday App
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