Winesday App – 1 year anniversary

Winesday App – 1 year anniversary

On March 1st, 2023, Winesday App mobile application turned 1 year since it first launched. Thank you for being with us this first year and find out what we prepared  for the future!

Winesday App is a wine & tourism app that put on Romanian map until now: 45 wineries, 16 accommodation units, 21 restaurants, 20 wine shops, 16 wine bars and 37 wine event organizers.

In the first year, the focus was on the one hand to complete the application with as many wineries, accommodation units, restaurants, wine bars, wine shops and event organizers as possible, and on the other hand to bring the app to the attention of wine lovers who downloaded and used it. Also we wanted to get feedback from them to know what to develop further.

In the first year, the application greatly developed the "Wine Events" area, with 620 events from several categories uploaded here. If in the beginning the app had some "Wine Events" categories like "Wine Tastings", "Wine and Cheese Tastings", "Gastronomic Experience", "Wine Fairs", "Wine Trips", well, this section has been completed with new sections such as "Wine & Sports", "Wine, Art & Music", "Tasting beer, rum, whiskey + others".

How did this happen? Following those who organize events with wine I noticed that they organized all kinds of themed events where wine was either the main topic or a binder. So from now on you will also find in the app: theatrical plays where you can enjoy a glass of wine, days or evenings dedicated to music with a wine by your side, visits to all kinds of museums followed by visits to wineries, running competitions in the vineyard or bike rides in the vineyard. In addition, because wine lovers are curious to enjoy wine with food but also try other drinks from time to time, we created the category "Tasting beer, rum, whiskey + others" which has had few events so far but which I am convinced that in the next year will collect more and more.

Because education in the world of wine is very important, we highlighted the category "Wine courses" in a separate banner from the one with "Events for wine lovers" on the home page of the application.

The wine courses are visible alongside the other Wine Events and in the search bar at the bottom of the application (place where Wine Events from all categories can be viewed divided by month), as well as in the "Discover" section also located here. 

In addition to Wine Events, we have developed several sections in the app:

  • In the "Wine News" article section, I publish an article each Monday in the "Events of the week" category to highlight the events (tastings, courses, etc.) taking place throughout the country that week.
  • in the article sections "About wines", "Wine releases", Wine tales" I publish an article or interview on Thursdays. The topics are varied and the aim is to provide useful and interesting content about the world of wine to those who have downloaded the application, follow it and look for new things about wine and the wine industry
  • every 1st of every month I publish an article with a book recommendation related to wine and gastronomy in the section launched at the beginning of January 2023 called "Book of the month". As I said, education is important and I think this section makes a significant contribution.
  • also from the beginning of 2023 we added the "International Wine Fairs" section to the application. The reason is simple: it is also good to know what others in other countries are doing in terms of wine, especially since the application has also started to be downloaded by people in the wine industry, so people who work with wine every day and they need such information
  • users who have downloaded the application find out about all these articles via push notifications that they are coming on Mondays (articles from the "Events of the week" section), Thursdays (articles from the other categories) or on the 1st of each month (articles with "Book of the month" recommendations). I do my best to use the push notification option responsibly because I want app users to look forward to news through this notification and not feel like they're getting too many notifications.

And because the first year of the app was full of joy and beautiful events, I want to mention here that the Winesday App received a special award at the " and Gastroart Excellence Awards" gala, which took place on the first Sunday of October 2022 on the Romanian Gastronomy and Wine Day.

In 2023 Winesday App continues its development on the Romanian map: new wineries, accommodation, restaurants, wine bars, wine shops and organizers of wine events will be added. As a novelty, in the section "Organizers of wine events" it will be possible to list also people, not only companies - we noticed that in this field beyond the "companies" that organize events there are some people who work in the wine industry (sommeliers, people with WSET certification) who organize all kinds of interesting winery tours and presentations and I would like them to be present in the app because their work is amazingly beautiful and they make their mark on the work they create.

The Events section will continue to develop and I am very curious to see what new categories of wine events will appear in the next year.

This year we will also focus on the "Special Offers" section in the application. These special offers are created by the companies listed in the app and can be on wine, wine tasting or even winery visits.

Romanian and international wine competitions will appear in the app, so keep an eye on the Winesday App to see which wines will be awarded medals this year.

Wine goes very well with food, and sometimes even better, so this year the focus will also be on wine pairings with food so that each of us can enrich our taste and have spots of complete experiences. So I expect the "Restaurants" section and "Gastronomic Experiences" type events to develop a lot.

That being said, thank you for sticking with me, for downloading and following the app. I'd love to hear from you about what you'd like to see in the app or how you'd like to interact with it in the future. Send me an email at and I will answer you.

At the same time, if you represent a winery, an accommodation unit of a winery or located in a wine region, a restaurant (with a generous wine list), a wine bar, a wine shop or organize events with wine and you want to be listed in app please email me at the address mentioned above so I can give you more details about the promotion options available within the mobile app.

The story goes on and Winesday App welcomes year number 2. Let it be with inspiration, wines and tasty dishes!

Carmina Nițescu & Winesday App

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