2 ani de Winesday App

2 ani de Winesday App

Today, March 1st 2024, Winesday App mobile app celebrates 2 years since its launch.

Wow, these were 2 wonderful years! It seems like yesterday when I think about it: I was publishing with great excitement the news of the launch and I remember that day became full of phone calls, messages, emails with all kinds of questions about the app and congratulatory messages! The 1-year anniversary followed, a little more settled day, with clear direction and results to pass on.

And now here I am on the 2nd year anniversary of the app. What a ride!

For 2 years now, March 1st is no longer only the day when spring comes (at least according to the calendar), but the day when I celebrate the hardest and nicest project I've ever had: the place where I put together the 2 fields dear to my soul - tourism and wine.

I created a place where wine, food and travel lovers:
  • ​can find on Romania's map wineries, accommodation units, restaurants, wine shops, wine bars, course organizers and wine events organizers (you must have Location open on your phone because the application works on the basis of Google Maps and shows you all these places with wine depending on where you are at any given time - see "Wine places near you")
  • can make direct bookings at events,
  • can contact directly a winery for a visit,
  • can contact a restaurant, a wine bar, an accommodation unit near wineries or an event organizer for a reservation,
  • can contact a wine shop (online or offline) for a wine order,
  • can contact a wine course organizer for a qualification or introductory course in the field.
Winesday App is the place where wine lovers meet with wine: at home, in the city, at a restaurant, winebar or wine shop, or somewhere in the countryside in Romania, at a winery. It is the place where they learn about all kinds of wine events and have the opportunity to find out news about wineries, about wines, about what is happening in the world of wine in Romania or even internationally. It is also the place where the first steps are taken towards the initiation courses in the world of wine, the Sommelier qualification or the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) certification courses.

The first 2 years of the app's existence brought validation of the concept, more than 1500 events were added, more than 200 articles were published in all categories, as well as more than 170 suppliers joined in all categories: wineries, accommodation units next to wineries, restaurants with lists wine shops, wine shops, wine bars, wine course organizers and wine event organizers.

How were the first 2 years

In the first 2 years of its existence the app was downloaded (on iOS & Android) by wine enthusiasts interested in news from the world of wine, people who enter the app when they are looking for something specific in a wine region or a city in Romania, who follow the wine events published weekly or the articles on various topics that appear here constantly. We are talking about a niche app that is growing slowly but surely. With patience and the support of those who gave the app a chance (users who downloaded it and companies who chose to be visible in the app based on a subscription) we are making important steps every day! Thank you to everyone who believed in the app and downloaded it, as well as the wine companies who chose to be present in it. Let's grow further together!

How many wine lovers do we have in Romania? I still can't answer this question, but I'm meeting new wine lovers every day, and the most important thing is that wine is starting to delight more and more people with its aromas and stories. And when you drink wine in moderation and knowingly, it means you enjoy it more, learn to appreciate the flavors and spend relaxing time with those you share that wine with. That's what the Winesday App is all about: bringing people together, stories and quality time together.

The app is dedicated to tourism and wine and so far has put n Romania's map: 47 wineries, 17 accommodation units, 22 restaurants, 29 wine shops, 18 wine bars, 39 wine events organizers and 3 wine courses organizers. There is still a lot of work to develop the app throughout Romania, but every day I work to enrich the app's portfolio and bring users new places to enjoy wine, wine events, special offers (on wine or events), as well as information, inspiration and education related to wine.

In the first 2 years of its existence, the app has greatly developed it's "Events" area, with more than 1500 events uploaded in 12 categories. If at the beginning the app had only a few categories of "Events", I added categories such as "Wine & Sports", "Wine, Art & Music", "Beer, rum, whiskey tasting + others", "Wine & Gastronomy Conferences". The decision came naturally following the interest of the users and talking with some of them punctually, when they participated at some wine events.

Currently the "Events" you can find in the mobile app include the following categories:

  • Wine & Food Conferences
  • Wine courses
  • Wine courses (online)
  • Wine tastings
  • Online Wine tastings 
  • Wine and cheese tastings
  • Tasting beer, rum, whiskey + other drinks
  • Gastronomic experience
  • Wine & Gastronomy Festival ("Wine fairs" have been renamed into a more comprehensive category)
  • Wine Trips
  • Wine & Sports
  • Wine, Art & Music
  • Winesday Specials (here you find the tastings organized exclusively by Winesday)
Because education in the world of wine is very important, we highlighted the "Wine Courses" category in a separate banner from the one with "Events for wine lovers", as well as the "Wine Course Organizers" section, both visible on the home page of the app. We have taken into account both the feedback received from users and the development of its section because in the meantime the online version has been added to the wine courses, there being quite a few active courses here.

In addition to Wine Events, we have developed several sections in the app:

  • in "Wine News" articles section, every Monday we publish an article in the "Events of the week" category to highlight the events (tastings, courses, etc.) taking place throughout Romania that week.
  • in the article sections "About wines", "Wine releases", Wine tales" we publish an article or an interview on Thursdays. The topics are varied and the aim is to provide useful and interesting content about the world of wine to those who have downloaded the app, follow it and look for new things about wine and the wine industry
  • on every 1st of every month we publish an article with a book recommendation related to wine and gastronomy in the section launched at the beginning of January 2023 called "Book of the month". As we previously said, education is important and we think this section makes a significant contribution.
  • also from the beginning of 2023 we added the "International Wine Fairs" section to the application. The reason is simple: it is good to know what other countries are doing in terms of wine, especially since the app has started to be downloaded by people in the wine industry, people who work with wine every day and they need such information.
  • the article section "Wine Competitions" announces information about the wine competitions taking place in Romania (for now).
  • about all these articles, users who have downloaded the app find out via push notifications that are scheduled every Monday (articles from the "Events of the week" section), every Thursday (articles from the other categories) and on the 1st of each month (articles with "Book of the month" recommendations) . We do our best to use the push notification option responsibly because we want app users to look forward to news through this notification and not feel like they're getting too many notifications.

What do we prepare for the future?

The first year was about launching, the second about consolidation and the third will be about growth and innovation.

In 2024 Winesday App continues its development its content on Romania's map: add new wineries, accommodation, restaurants, wine bars, wine shops, course organizers and wine event organizers.

The Events section will continue to develop and we are very curious to see what new categories of wine events will appear in the next year.

This year we will also focus on the "Special Offers" section existing in the app that has also seen an increase in 2023. These special offers are created by the companies listed in the app and can be on wine, wine tastings or even on visits to the wineries.

Romanian wine competitions will appear in the app, so keep an eye on Winesday App to see which wines will be awarded medals this year.

Wine goes very well with food, so this year the focus will also be on wine & food pairings.

Having said that, we thank you for being with us and for downloading the app. For the future if you would like to tell us what new features you would like to find in Winesday App plese let us know by sending an email to carmina@winesday.ro and we will answer you.

At the same time, if you represent a winery, an accommodation unit of a winery or located in a wine region, a restaurant (with a generous wine list), a wine bar, a wine shop or you organize wine courses or wine events and want to be listed in app please email us at the address mentioned above so we can give you more details about the promotion options available within the mobile app.

The story goes on and Winesday App enters its 3rd year. Let it be with inspiration and tasty wines and food!

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