Wines from Georgia - Batono Winery

Wines from Georgia - Batono Winery

Known as the place where wine was first made in the world, Georgia is located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, in the middle and western part of the Caucasus Mountains, between the Black Sea Basin and the Caspian Sea, which influences the diversity of natural conditions and creates the best environment for viticulture and winemaking.

Georgia has a unique way of making wine in the world: in qvevri, clay vessels buried in the ground that are part of the UNESCO Intangible Heritage since 2013. Qvevri are used both for fermentation, storage and maturation of traditional Georgian wine. A qvevri vessel resembles an amphora (egg shape) that is buried in the ground; its volume can be between 20 - 10,000 liters. The wines made in qvevri have a different minerality than what we are used to in Europe.

Georgia is one of the oldest viticulture and winemaking regions in the world that produces quality wines. Lately Georgian wines have started to be more and more consumed and appreciated in Romania as well.

TrueWines is the sole importer of several wineries from Georgia, among which today we mention Batono winery.

BATONO LTD is a premium winery located in Sagarejo, Georgia's best wine region, Kakheti, the most beloved terroir of the ancient Saperavi variety, an iconic grape for Georgian winemaking and beyond.

The soul of BATONO Winery is its winemaker, Giorgi Dekanozishvili, one of the most respected in Georgia for his honesty, ability to innovate and above all, for his desire to promote the millennial quality of local winemaking.

BATONO winery, in its modern structure, owns an area of 65 hectares of vines, admirably cared for since 2004. BATONO wines have conquered the hearts of wine lovers from 7 countries and starting from 2021 they are also present in Romania, through the importer TrueWines. The winery was chosen following numerous recommendations received from several people that love quality wines from Georgia.THE Team of the negotiated winery confirmed all expectations, as did the preliminary wine tastings.

TrueWines is proud of the wines from BATONO winery, Georgia's flagship winery, which they bring to Romania and which you can find in their online shop as well as in numerous restaurants, wine bars and wine events in Bucharest and in whole Romania.

At TrueWines you will find wines from the Batonis Kari range, the range with younger wines, the De'Wino range with wines made mainly in the European style (if they were matured, the maturation took place in oak barrels) and Qvevruli, natural wines matured in qvevri, the traditional clay vessel of Georgia.

We invite you to get to know the wines of Georgia by trying the wines of the Batono winery brought to Romania by TrueWines.

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