Wine Chocolate Dark - discover "chocolate wine"

Wine Chocolate Dark - discover "chocolate wine"

Una din surprizele acestui an a fost, spre surprinderea mea, un vin roșu demisec.

One of the surprises of this year was, to my surprise, a semi-dry red wine.

Personally, I prefer dry red wines as complex as possible, but since I entered the world of wine and started organizing all kinds of tastings, I have become more curious and constantly looking for new wines, be they white, rose, red or sparkling, or dry, semi-dry and even sweet. In short, I am looking for the right wines for everyone in order to present them in simple words and to inspire those around me to discover their preferences.

In my search for wines that are easy to be appreciated by those who are curious about wine but still don't know much about them, I came across a semi-dry red blend: Wine Chocolate Dark produced by Tohani Romania.

As the Tohani winery is located in the Dealu Mare area, a very suitable area for making red wines, I said that the wine seems promising and I tried it. In the "Wine Chocolate" collection there are two wines: one semi-dry (Dark), another sweet (Sweet).

From the first nose (that's what it's called when you first smell the wine) I felt the sweetness of red fruits and very ripe plums. I aerated the wine a little in the glass to let the aromas unfold and in the meantime I noticed the color of a rather dark ruby red. After aerating in the glass, both in taste and smell, I discovered aromas of plums and overripe blackberries, black cherries and even chocolate. Overall, the taste made me think of blackberry and plum jam and in the aftertaste I felt best the sweetness of dark chocolate and a little vanilla. I would then find out from the bottle some additional information: the wine comes from the 2017 harvest and has 13.5% alcohol.

The blend is made of Fetească Neagră, Merlot and Shiraz, and from what I could appreciate, it is a bit aged in the barrel - that's where the aromas of chocolate and vanilla come from.

And since I discovered this wine somewhere in the early summer, I included it in one of the wine tastings held this summer at the riding and wine camp that I organized. Wine Chocolate was the first wine in a series of red wines, as seen in the image below.

As I expected, the wine was well received by those who attended the camp. In the tasting we combined wines with all kinds of grilled dishes to make a difference between tastes. So, we tried all the evening wines with grilled vegetables (of which the mushrooms have a special presence - the umami taste that I want to talk about in a separate article), grilled cheese and several kinds of grilled meat. Each wine paired differently with the food and the participants liked it differently, but what remained in my mind from that tasting is that Wine Chocolate was additionally requested and at the end, when the dessert arrived, which makes me recommend this wine with both appetizers and main course and, if it remains, it is also suitable for dessert.

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