Romanian oenological tourism will be promoted at Bike Brussels March 22-24th, 2024

Romanian oenological tourism will be promoted at Bike Brussels March 22-24th, 2024

Bike Brussels, the largest exhibition dedicated to cyclists and bicycles in Belgium takes place in Brussels from March 22-24th, 2024. It is an exhibition that focuses on everything related to bicycles, but also has a section dedicated to cycling tourism - Destination Bike.

Romania will be present at this show through the Romanian Ecotourism Association (AER Association) which is represented by its members. The representative of tourism to wineries is Bike in Time, a well-known organizer of bike tours to wineries in Romania.

"Bike Brussels show is a niche event, in which Romanian agencies do not have many opportunities to participate due to the high costs. With the help of some organizations (Ministry, Professional Associations, sponsorships, etc.), these opportunities arise and we believe they should not be missed. As an AER member, Bike in Time has used such an opportunity and will promote cycling tourism and eco-destinations in Romania at Bike Brussels. Visiting wineries is one of the most requested products by Bike in Time tourists, so we will be promoting bike tours to wineries in Romania.” says Ionuț Maftei, Bike in Time representative.

"At Bike Brussels 2024 we want to promote the two Bike in Time projects related to wine tourism:
  •  Velodrumul Vinului - the wine road on a bicycle - is the category of tours to wineries, which combines cycle tourism with wine tourism.
  •  Velo Popas - the first Romanian certification intended for accommodation, restaurants and tourist attractions friendly to cyclists - because wineries can also become beneficiaries of this certification and promote themselves as a "cycling friendly" destination, added Ionuț Maftei.
About AER: AER or the Romanian Ecotourism Association is a partnership for nature conservation and tourism development in Romania, connecting tourism associations, non-governmental organizations for local development and nature conservation, nature conservation projects and travel agencies. The innovative concept promoted by AER is based on bringing together the public and private sectors in a partnership for nature conservation and the development of sustainable tourism.

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