Pointer Wine Glass - suitable for the beach and at the mountains

Pointer Wine Glass - suitable for the beach and at the mountains

August is the month when the most of us are on holiday, so today I come with an idea of a gadget that should not be missing  from a wine lover's travels.

I discovered Pointer Wine Glasses a few years ago at a wine fair. I tried them at a friend's invitation, at a wine talk in the park and it was like a revelation.

If you're wondering what could be so special about a wine glass, here it is: the stem of the glass is made of metal and can easily be placed in the ground or sand. The glass does not spill and if you stick it firmly into the ground/sand it stays there safely. Something that makes it indispensable when we think about going out in the nature, at a picnic in the mountains or at the sea.

The wine glasses are also very beautiful and elegant and are available in several variants:
  • classic glass (the one in these images)
  • crystal glass for white wine
  • crystal glass for red wine
  • crystal glass for sparkling wine
If you want to take the glass with you on vacation and you are going there by plane, you should know that there is also a version of the glass with a plastic stem instead of metal. But you should ask about this option before purchasing the glass.

The Pointer Wine Glass was created by Ramona Enache and is sold in sets of two. You can find Pointer Wine Glasses at ToThePointer.com, as well as on Pointer Facebook page and Wineful online shop.

I wish you a nice summer with tasty wines!

Carmina Nițescu
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