Limone - Italian wines and delicacies

Limone - Italian wines and delicacies

Situated in Bucharest, Limone is an online & offline shop with tasty Italian wines, as well as a lot of Italian delicacies like sweets, coffee, grocery products.

I spoke with Isabelle Tudor, founder of Limone, Sommelier, master's student at USAMV - High-performance technologies, wine management and marketing, about the shop in which she puts her soul every day. Since the Holidays are around the corner, it's possible to find some great gift ideas at Limone's, so you should get to know this shop.

You can find more information about Limone in the interview below.

Carmina Nițescu: Hi Isabelle. I'm glad that today we're talking about Limone, the shop you put so much soul into!
Isabelle Tudor:
Thanks for the invitation to the Winesday App space, Carmina! I am glad that I have the opportunity to present the Limone project to you, because the enthusiasm that accompanies me in business I also found in you when you present your projects.

Carmina: Please tell me how you came up with the idea of opening the Limone store, when did you open it and how does it differ from other wine shops?
I opened Limone 7 years ago, I grew it slowly but healthy, I learned and grew with it, it wasn't easy but it was beautiful! And it still is!

I have visited Italy quite a lot, I have always been charmed by the creativity of the Italians in the culinary field, the well-being that emerges between friends over a glass of wine, their peaceful & natural life they live!

I also try to create the relaxed atmosphere in our showroom - I would like anyone who comes in to break away from the hustle and bustle of Bucharest and breathe a little of La Dolce vita!

For 7 years I have been selecting products, talking to many producers, food, wine,  tasting, investing in stocks and then I hope to bring joy and satisfaction to our customers.

We have a warehouse with quite good dynamics, the advantage of a small business is the ease with which it can adapt to the market.

I think we differentiate ourselves by the fact that most of the wines we import are brought under exclusive conditions to Romania, they are wines that I choose according to the customers' tastes, I mainly focus on local Italian varieties, which I like to make known in Romania.

Carmina: How do you select the brands from which you bring wines, but also food products?
In addition to what I have already said: I get to know the producer in his country, I listen to his philosophy, learn from his enthusiasm and experience, so that I convey the information as accurately as possible.

Carmina: The holiday season is approaching, the month of December being full of opportunities to give presents. Please tell me what have you prepared this year? Do you have Christmas packages, wine gift baskets and other goodies?
November and December are very busy; over the years we have formed a core of customers who return year after year for the gift packages we prepare. What greater joy a company could have?

We always select quality products, for example we have Besana brand of panettone, which we have been working with almost since the beginning, they maintain the quality every year, it is a product that we do not give up. Other products are replaced by novelties, we follow the principle that the gift offered must be flawless, look good, be tasty and help the one who gives it to be noticed.

Our gift packages, boxes, trays, contain panettone or pandoro, red or sparkling wine, chocolate, torrone, chocolate creams, cantucci, etc.

Carmina: Since I know that Limone operates both as an online shop as well as a showroom (located on Str. Gazelei no. 34, Bucharest, near Carol Park), gift packages are available both online and in the showroom? What period do you recommend that those looking to buy Christmas gifts from Limone should place their orders to ensure they are in stock and arrive on time?
We are ready for delivery of gift packages both in the showroom and online.

Based on a prior order, we quickly prepare, customize and even ship on behalf of our customers.

​As for the order, the sooner the better; we already have orders coming in with a delivery date set for December.

The closer it is to the holidays the more difficult it is due to traffic and the fact that courier services are under pressure from a higher volume of deliveries.

Carmina: Isabelle, it was a pleasure to talk and I can't wait to hear from you in the future! I wish you a nice end of the year and... see you next time!
Thanks for the opportunity, Carmina, I wish you the best in all your projects and good wines!

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