Evadare in Dealu Mare (3rd edition). Come visit the wineries on October 22nd and 23rd, 2022!

Evadare in Dealu Mare (3rd edition). Come visit the wineries on October 22nd and 23rd, 2022!

On October 22nd and 23rd 2022, I invite you to "Evadare in Dealu Mare"("Escape in Dealu Mare")! Because you're following the Winesday App, I also have a code that gives you a 10% discount on all Escape routes.

The code is WinesdayEDM and this is the reservation link. If you want to find out how you can use the discount code and what visiting options you have, continue reading.

For the third year in a row, the Asociația Dealu Mare organizes the most complex  action of visiting wineries with tastings included, and this year comes with great news: 15 wineries from the Dealu Mare wine region are waiting for you to visit them on the weekend of October 22 - 23. The organizers have worked out all the details, and this year the 15 wineries are divided into 5 tourist routes, each including a visit and wine tasting at 3 wineries.

In addition, unlike previous years when the "Evadare in Dealu Mare" took place in the summer, this year it takes place at the end of harvest time which is why you will be able to see what happens in the winery when the harvest is over and the wineries have tanks full of must from the new harvest.

The established routes are as follows:

  • 🍷 Route 1 (orange) – Dagon Wines, Domeniul Artistiței, Davino
  • 🍷 Route 2 (yellow)– Domeniile Urlați (new entry), Gramofon Wine, Serve
  • 🍷 Route 3 (purple) – Lacerta, Domeniile Franco Romane (new entry),  Apogeum
  • 🍷 Route 4 (blue) – Licorna Winehouse, Velvet Winery (new entry), Viile Metamorfosis
  • 🍷 Route 5 (red) – Aurelia Vișinescu, Budureasca, Stațiunea de Cercetare Pietroasa (new entry)
Each route includes 3 wineries and the time spent at each individual winery is designed in such a way that participants can enjoy the experience, relaxation and wine, and not rush at all. I welcome this initiative, especially since I am a person who likes to enjoy both tours and wine, and it seems that a more relaxed program to enjoy the wines at your leisure sounds better.

All 5 routes are available on both days of the event, October 22nd and 23rd, and one route spans a full day. This means that on each of the 2 days of the event you will be able to choose only one route per day.

All 5 routes from both days of the event are available:
  • in the version with bus transport leaving from Bucharest(the 10% discount is valid here)
  • in the version without transport
Event participation

Choose 1 route on Saturday and/or 1 route on Sunday and sign up for the Evadare in Dealu Mare until October 19 here, using the discount code! If you want to get a seat, I recommend signing up early, especially since a good part of the seats are already sold out!

Winesday App supports Asociatia Dealu Mare and this event and we received from the organizer the discount code mentioned above, which is valid for 5 tickets only on each of the 5 routes, on both days of the event.

Basically, any route you choose (with bus transport included) on any of the 2 days of the event, you will benefit from a 10% discount (within the limit of 5 tickets) if you enter WinesdayEDM voucher code in iabilet platform.

The discount is only valid for the option with transport included and the difference is:
  • standard rate: 300 lei/person/route
  • rate with 10% discount for Winesday App users: 270 lei/person/route
How to sign up

  • Enter on iabilet.ro (this link) and buy the ticket there, adding the following discount voucher code: WinesdayEDM
  • it is important to write the code with these letters (respecting capital letters where mentioned). The page will refresh and the discounted tickets will be displayed on the first part of the page (attention, some seats have already been sold out)
  • The discount voucher code is only valid for routes with bus transport, within the limit of available seats.
  • if you chose to register for both days (1 route/day each) you will have to purchase 2 different tickets from iabilet. ro, to both mentioning the code above
  • if you can no longer find a place with a reduced rate on the day and on the desired route, send me an email at carmina@winesday.ro because it is possible that I can add more places, but I have to talk to the organizer on time to find out if there are still places available
  • Registration is open until October 19th, 2022, subject to availability.
I'm waiting for you in Dealu Mare for the most beautiful autumn weekend!

Carmina Nițescu
Winesday.ro & Winesday App

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