The National Day of Romanian Gastronomy and Wine. October 5th 2022

The National Day of Romanian Gastronomy and Wine. October 5th 2022

Did you know that Romania has a "National Day of Romanian Gastronomy and Wine"?

This is celebrated since 2019 on the first Sunday of October and exists thanks to the initiative of the 3 founders, Cezar Ioan ( and author of the book "Connaisseur fără ifose"), Cosmin Dragomir ( and author of the book "Curatorul de Zacuscă" ) and Chef Nico Lontras who initiated the project that was adopted with 251 votes for, two abstentions and none against by the Chamber of Deputies.

Thus, today we have an official day to celebrate wine and gastronomy, a welcome thing in the world of wine lovers. As the date of October 2nd (the first Sunday in October) is approaching, I thought I would let you know about the events that have this day as a central point and which are organized both on October 2nd and in the days around this date.

So if you want to celebrate this day with a lot of flavors, consider the following events organized by:

  • Casa Timiș (October 2nd 2022, Dealu Mare) - "The National Day of Romanian Gastronomy and Wine" is in its third edition. It is the place where this day is officially organized and if you choose to go there you will also meet the 3 initiators of the day. In addition, you will also find out the winners of the Excellence Awards, which will be announced exclusively there. You can find additional details about them here.

  • Valea Verde Retreat (October 2nd 2022, Cund, Transylvania) is organizing two dedicated events on October 2nd:
  • Winesday (October 5th 2022, Bucharest) - "Wine & Food Tour of Romania". We welcome the idea of the national day of gastronomy and wine and together with Marius Tudosiei from Băcănia Veche Delicatese & Grădină we set up the "Wine & Food Tour of Romania" - come try 5 wines from 5 wine regions of Romania as well as Romanian dishes made with ingredients from local producers.

In addition to the fact that we followed the events that were announced on this occasion, we spoke to 2 of the initiators of this day to find out what this day means to them and in which places they recommend us to celebrate it. Here are their responses:

Cezar Ioan aka Connaisseur

"Regional, seasonal, inspired by tradition, with good taste, without grotesque nationalisms

I wish that the National Gastronomy and Wine Day in Romania be - where someone will bother to celebrate it, and especially in restaurants, guesthouses and local gastronomy points - of good taste and with good taste, seasonal, regional, inspired by tradition and no waste, no snoring speeches and no nationalisms. I don't think there is a set recipe, but I do think that if the above recommendations are followed, it has the potential to be a loved, sought after day, as it deserves to be. As usual since the legislation, I will spend time together with Cosmin Dragomir and Chef Nico Lontras and with the other guests of Casa Timiș in Dealu Mare, an exceptional resort not only for Romania and which somehow linked its destiny in hospitality since the beginning, of gastronomy and wines, of tradition designed in refined modernity. I recommend it to anyone!

Cosmin Dragomir aka Curator

"For the third year in a row I'm spending the first Sunday of October at Casa Timiș with good food and wine with two of my best friends – Cezar Ioan and Nico Lontras, which is what I wish you all. Actually, that's what it should be about: let's go out to a restaurant and feel good. Let's enjoy a special menu with our loved ones, without over festivities or ultra-nationalist talks. Let's laugh and tell stories. Saturday, October 1st I'll be with other friends at Rual - aprobistro where we will do exactly the same thing, but with different food and other wines. I will discover other new tastes.

I would like that those who will go to the restaurants that do not celebrate this day ask them politely: why? It's a free tool that can generate both profit and branding. Don't be part of thwarting the fight against ignorance. I'm not going to make the answer long because those who don't understand a short message won't understand a long one either.

I wish you to have beautiful experiences regardless of where you choose to spend this special day. And if you are looking for ideas about gastronomy and wine, I recommend following Cezar and Cosmin through the newsletter they launched together this summer: Curator & Connaisseur. You can subscribe here.

Carmina Nițescu & Winesday App

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