An amber wine that charmed me - Caretta 2012, Solomos Wines

An amber wine that charmed me - Caretta 2012, Solomos Wines

Since I miss Greece I tried a wine I've been keeping for a while: Caretta 2012 made by Solomos Wines ( on Zakynthos Island.

I discovered this wine in Zakynthos Island in the summer of 2015, a month and a little before my passion for wine actually began. It was a cloudy day that turned into a storm and it was clear as soon as we got to the beach that we would not stay there long. The clouds gathered, and the wind brought us back to the resort, trying to do something other than going to the beach that day. We stopped at one of the larger shops in Kalamaki, an area in the south of Zakynthos Island, right next to the National Marine Park of Zakynthos - a protected area dedicated to Caretta Caretta turtles that come here every year to lay their eggs.

You will wonder how relevant the above information is. Read on and you will find out.

As every time I am in a new place in my travels, I look for things that are as authentic as possible (as far as possible) from that destination. That day my eyes stopped on the wine rack. I didn't know what to choose, but I said I was looking for something made in Zakynthos. So not Greek wines, but produced right there on the island. I found several variants from Solomos Wines, I read on the label that they are produced on the island and I chose one of the available options: a sweet red wine with 15% alcohol. I didn't like the idea of a sweet wine at the moment, but I didn't pay much attention to this aspect.

That afternoon I spent it on the terrace of the villa where I was staying and I discovered the wine I had bought a short time before.

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🐢 Ce parere au altii despre vinul Caretta recolta 2012?

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