A new edition of the Sommelier Course - interview with Sergiu Nedelea

A new edition of the Sommelier Course - interview with Sergiu Nedelea

When you enter the world of wine and you like to discover something new every day, you often think about learning a little more about wine. You read about grape varieties, how wine is made, go to tastings and maybe even visit wineries. Then there comes a time when you may think that you want more, you want to understand more things and even get a certification in this new field.

The most famous course you can take is the Sommelier Course and Sergiu Nedelea is the most famous trainer who organizes this course in Romania. For some time now you can find the courses organized by him in Winesday App mobile app, so I thought I would be a good ideea to talk to Sergiu and find out more about the course he organizes. So below is the interview he gave me. May it be with inspiration for you!

Carmina Nițescu: Hi Sergiu. Thank you so much for taking the time for this interview!
Sergiu Nedelea:
Thank you for the invitation, Carmina and Winesday App!

Carmina: I know that usually you don't need any introduction, everyone who is already in the world of wine has heard of Sergiu Nedelea, the renowned Sommelier and trainer. But I think for those new to this field a description of yours would be welcomed. So, Sergiu, tell us something about yourself, as well as how you chose the profession of Sommelier and how you decided to share its secrets further.

With pleasure! I am Sergiu Nedelea, professional Sommelier with 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry. I founded and manage the Sommelier School "Winetaste School", being a professional Sommelier trainer. I am a Juror in national and international wine competitions, a wine journalist, a member of the Association of Tourism Journalists and Writers from Romania, being the author of several hundred articles and the author or co-author of several specialized books. I am the host of the oenological series Winetrips Romania, broadcast on PRO TV Plus, and the wine presenter in the "UMAMI show, the 5th taste" on PRO TV. I am also a Knight of Wine-Equest de Vinum Ordo Equestris Vini Europae, President of the OEVE Oenological Commission, and I obtained the title of "Best Sommelier in Romania" in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022 - First Prize awarded by the community HoReCa through HoReCa Insight.

I can say that the profession of Sommelier chose me and it was only natural to share it with others.

Carmina: Some time ago you joined Winesday App mobile application with an account for Winetaste School in "Wine Courses Organisers" category and on this occasion users have access to the sommelier course organized by you. I know that you are the one who initiated this course in Romania so please tell me a few words about the job of Sommelier.

The profession of Sommelier is a complex and fascinating one, involving deep knowledge of wines, culinary combinations and the proper service of wines. A sommelier is the passionate guide of the wine experience for customers and is responsible for the selection, preservation and proper serving of wines. In simple terms, I can say that he is an architect of well-being, the one who tells the story of wine and challenges you to taste it, but above all to understand it.

Carmina: With Winetaste School you have been teaching the Sommelier course for many years. Please tell me who is it for, how this course is conducted, what it includes, how long it lasts and how many times a year you organize it.

The Sommelier course at the Winetaste School is aimed at both wine enthusiasts and professionals in the hospitality industry. The course lasts approximately 2 months (180 hours) and includes both theoretical and practical sessions, guided tastings and assessments. I organize it as often as needed, a need that arises from market demand.

Carmina: Do you organize the Sommelier course only in Bucharest or in the country? If you have a specific request to organize a course in a city where you have never organized a course before, could you also teach there? What is the minimum and maximum number of participants for such a course?

I usually organize Sommelier courses in Bucharest, but I bring them to other cities in the country, depending on requests. I had courses in Brașov, Iasi, Constanța, Bacău and Galați. The number of participants can usually vary between 15 and 25 people to ensure effective interaction and learning.

Carmina: How is the course organized by you different from other sommelier courses on the market? What is special about this course and why would newcomers to this industry choose it?

Our course stands out for its practical and interactive approach, focusing on the development of participants' practical skills, such as the identification of aromatic notes and the correct serving of wines. We also place special emphasis on wine-cuisine pairings and aspects related to the management of a wine selection in a restaurant. For newcomers, this course provides solid foundations and hands-on experience.

Carmina: Autumn is the time to learn new things, so the next Sommelier course you announced takes place in Bucharest and starts on September 4th. Are there still available places? Until when is registration open and where can those who wish to participate sign up?

Yes, there are still a few places available for the course on September 4th. Registration is open until August 31st, and those interested can register on the website www.curssomelier.ro

Carmina: Are you organizing another Sommelier course in Bucharest or in the country by the end of the year, or will those who cannot come from September 4th have to wait until next year? What other courses or masterclasses are you organizing in the near future?

At the moment we are planning to organize another Sommelier course in Bucharest before the end of the year. We are also thinking of bringing the courses to other cities as well. In the near future we will also offer thematic masterclasses for those who want to deepen their knowledge.

Carmina: Sergiu, thank you for the discussion and I wish you the best of luck with the new group of students. To as many as possible!
Thank you very much, Carmina! I look forward to sharing my passion for wine with new learners. See you soon!

Carmina Nițescu 
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