Wine Tasting Course WSET Level 3 - București

Wine Tasting Course WSET Level 3 - București


990 euro


Bucharest, Romania

Dates and Hours:


The WSET Level 3 in wines course offers you perhaps the most in-depth and comprehensive development of wine knowledge! The approach builds on the information received in the other two WSET courses, with an intense focus on tasting wines systematically and professionally.

This course covers most grape varieties and wine styles from around the world, and explores in detail the factors that influence a wine's style, quality and price.

It is an ideal learning environment for wine enthusiasts who want to become masters of their own passion! With the help of our course you can get top knowledge about wine, you can understand the methods of differentiating international wines, their quality and their fair price.

We have created a course that qualifies those working in the wine industry and gives them the authority and confidence to make correct decisions in various business situations. It is a skill builder in consulting for HoReCa management or for customers and their wine selections.

This certificate is one of the most popular worldwide achievements recognized in the wine industry and is an extremely useful document for those who want to work abroad in various positions in the field.

The course takes place over 5 intensive days, morning and afternoon, from 9:00 to 5:00.

What will you learn?
  • How to taste wines and assess quality, identity, price using WSET Level 3 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine® (SAT)
  • Key factors in wine production: location, vine growth, vinification, maturation, bottling.
  • Main Key Features: Quiet wines of the world, Sparkling wines of the world, Fortified wines of the world
  • How to apply your personal level of knowledge and understanding of wine in making trusted decisions for recommendations, advice, etc.
  • How to store and serve wine
  • How to pair wine with different dishes
Price: 1000 euro

We draw your attention to the fact that re-examination and failure to appear for the exam attract additional costs.
Re-examination fee – theory and tasting: €200
Re-examination fee – theory only: €150
Re-examination fee – tasting only: €80
Failure to appear at the exam: 150 lei

The registration becomes final after the invoice is issued and the money is collected. Payment can be made by bank transfer or with a bank card.

What is included?
  • An advanced course support
  • Complete Study Guide (with maps, sample questions, tasting notes)
  • Laminated tasting card.
  • Support materials
  • The part of training and education on the subjects dedicated to wine
  • The opportunity to taste over 80 different wines
  • Examination fees
  • Water to refresh the palate
  • Courier costs (for the study package and diploma)
To obtain the qualification, students must successfully complete an exam consisting of a 50-question multiple-choice test, a set of written short-answer questions, and a blind tasting test of two wines. A percentage of 55% is required to pass the exam.

An individual study program of 60 hours is recommended in addition to class attendance. Students are strongly advised to take this individual study time in preparation for the course. All participants who pass the exam will receive a WSET diploma and badge.

Enrollment conditions

18 years of age at the time of enrollment, passing the WSET Level 2 course or proof of an equivalent level of knowledge. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The course takes place in Bucharest. The exact location will be announced directly to those who sign up.