Results of Rose Wine Competition 2023

Results of Rose Wine Competition 2023

On May 14th, 2023, the 11th edition of the Rose Wine Competition, organized by the Winelover Romania association, took place.

I had the opportunity to get to know this competition more closely since last year when I participated as a member of the jury both in the official competition and in two preselections of wines in which the tasted wines received marks and those with the highest marks reached the finals of the Rosé Wine Competition.

As this year I was even more involved in the tastings as a juror, today I come with more details about the Rose Wine Competition: how it takes place, how the samples that enter the competition are chosen, how many samples made it to the finals and, of course, which were the winners.

Thus, the Rose Wine Competition is organized by the Romania Winelover Association on May 14th of each year. The reason is simple: the results come just before the start of the summer season, the season when rosé wines are enjoyed the most.

Wineries are invited to enter their wines in the contest and the criteria are: dry wines with a shelf price between 20 and 70 ron.

Only Romanian wines from the previous year's harvest (in this case, the 2022 harvest) enter the competition. The wines need to be as fresh as possible, ready to be enjoyed this summer.

The competition has two sections: wines from non-aromatic varieties and wines from aromatic varieties.

Within the non-aromatic varieties, quite a few samples are usually received in the competition, which is why Răzvan Stoenescu, the representative of Winelover Romania, decided that every year before the official competition, he organizes several pre-selections of wines to select the wines that reach the finals .

Both the competition and the pre-selections are organized with jurors, people with various certifications from the world of wine.

Very important: at all the pre-selections and of course, at the final competition, all the samples sent by the wineries for the jury's analysis are tasted "in blind", meaning the jurors cannot see the label of the bottle, the judging being done in the most correct way possible.

This year 4 Preselections were organized, I was present at all of them and tried the almost 70 wines proposed for the competition. From them, only 14 wines made it to the final on May 14. These 14 wines were chosen according to the score given by each Jury team at the 4 Preselections.

The Rose Wine Competition that took place on May 14 had the following sections:

Non-aromatic varieties section: the 14 wines were tasted in blind and the top 7 that ranked according to the score given by the jury were tasted once more in a different order and scored again. Of these 7, only 3 reached the podium, the ones with the highest marks obtained from all 3 jury commissions.

Aromatic Varieties Section: No Preselections were organized in this case, usually here much fewer wines are proposed by the producers.

The results of the rosé wine competition 2023, edition number 11, are:

Non-aromatic wines section:
1st place: Nedeea Rose Vinarte Romania
2nd place: Mon Rose - Crama Pandora
3rd place: Reveria - Crama Strunga

Aromatic wines section:
1st place: Diamond  Domeniile Averești
2nd place: Răsărit Domeniile Prince Matei
3rd place: C'est Soir Crama Hermeziu

For the first time in the history of the rose wine competition, all 3 wines in the non-aromatic section are made only from Romanian varieties, namely:
  • Nedeea (Fetească Neagră + Băbească Neagră)
  • Mon Rose (Fetească Neagră)
  • Reveria (Fetească Neagră)
A hot summer awaits us and the winning rosés will be great on these summer days when we're looking for some relaxation and tasty wines.

I wish you a nice summer!

Carmina Nițescu & Winesday App

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