Excellence Awards 2022 (XIV edition) Excellence Awards 2022 (XIV edition)

As every year for the past 14 years, autumn brings a new edition of the Excellence Awards.

For the second year in a row, I had the pleasure of being part of the jury that analyzed the more than 150 wines entered in the competition (all wines were served in blind, so the Jury didn’t know which wines are and from which wineries; we only knew the grapes from which the wines were obtained and the vintage). Like last year, it was a special experience because I had the opportunity to see dear people again, but also to meet new people from the world of wine and at the same time to try wines that I did not know.

After 1 year from the first experience of this type and after several competitions in which I participated in the Jury, I saw things differently this time. It could be the experience gained along the way, the information gained from a new wine course - WSET Level 3 - or both, but this time it seems I analyzed the wines in more detail and looked for the flavors a bit more carefully (not to say ...I was quite strict in assigning grades). In addition, this time the individual grades of the jurors were recorded online by phone in a centralized system (the traditional paper and pen was abandoned), the final grade of each individual wine being known at the end by the committee president. I find it a very elegant scoring system, even if I would have liked to write down certain wines on a piece of paper so that I could remember them at the end of the competition. All in all, it seems to me a step forward in the area of ​​digitizing the results of wine competitions, and I thank Cezar Ioan from for the invitation and for the experience.

Following the judging of the 4 commissions, 56 of the more than 150 participating wines were rewarded with the following awards: 2 with Great Gold Medal (>95 points), 40 with Gold Medal (90-94.9 points) and 14 with Silver Medal. The level of the competition was high - the last average for obtaining a medal (Silver) was one that in other competitions even ensures the Gold Medal - 88.8 points, out of 100 possible.

The wines that have obtained Great Gold Medals are:
  • Strunga Winery: Fetească neagră barrique 2020
  • Casa Timiș: Cabernet Sauvignon & Fetească neagră 2014
The White wines that have obtained Gold Medals are:
  • Casa Timiș: Tămâioasă românească & Fetească albă Casa Timiș 2015; Tămâioasă românească & Fetească albă Casa Timiș 2019
  • Cotnari: Grasă de Cotnari NAIV 2021
  • Crama Tata și Fiul: Tămâioasă românească sec, 2021
  • Crama Trantu: Traminer Daima 2021
  • DAVINO: Domaine Ceptura Blanc 2021; Iacob alb 2021
  • Domeniile Blaga: Fetească regală 2021
  • Domeniile Franco-Române: Chardonnay Vigneron 2021
  • Domeniile Ostrov: Legio alb 2020
  • Licorna Winehouse: Bon Viveur 2020
  • Via Viticola Sarica Niculițel: Caii de la Letea Chardonnay Princeps 2020
  • VINARTE: Tămâioasă românească Castel Bolovanu 2021
The Rose wines that have obtained Gold Medals are:
  • Crama La Salina: Pinot Noir ISSA rose 2021
  • Domeniile Alexandrion Rhein 1892: Hyperion rose 2020
The Red wines that have obtained Gold Medals are:
  • Casa Timiș: Cabernet Sauvignon & Fetească neagră Casa Timiș 2015
  • Crama Oprișor: Pinot Noir La Cetate 2018
  • Crama Pandora: Fetească neagră Secrets 2020; Cuvee Roșu Pandora 2019
  • Crama Tata și Fiul: Merlot Barrique sec 2019
  • DAVINO: Domaine Ceptura Rouge 2017; Iacob roșu 2017
  • Domeniile Blaga: Fetească neagră 2020
  • Domeniile Ostrov: Legio roșu 2018
  • Domeniile Sâmburești: Fetească neagră Chateau Valvis 2018
  • Domeniile Urlați: Incantation 2019; Fetească neagră SAAC 2020
  • Domeniul Drăgași: Cabernet Franc Don Pelerin 2016; Merlot Don Pelerin 2016
  • Gramofon Wine: Fetească neagră Gramofon 2020
  • Navigo: Fetească neagră Compas 2021
  • SERVE: Cuvee Guy de Poix 2017; Cuvee Charlotte 2015
  • Domeniile Alexandrion Rhein 1892: Cabernet Franc Hyperion 2017
  • Via Viticola Sarica Niculițel: Caii de la Letea Quintessence Reserva
  • Velvet Winery: Fetească neagră La Țigănci
  • Vie Vin Vînju Mare: Fetească neagră Prințul Vlad 2020; Fetească neagră Vinul Principelui 2021
  • Villa Vinea: Rubin 2018
  • VINARTE: Negru de Drăgășani Prince Mircea 2020 (Best in class soiuri românești)
The complete list of medaled wines can be found here.

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And to give you an idea of the atmosphere, I leave below a video made during the judging by Călin Stan.

Having this said I wish you try at least some of the above mentioned medal winning wines. It is very possible to find something on your taste! Cheers!

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