Velvet Winery launches Magiq range of wines

Velvet Winery launches Magiq range of wines

The end of 2023 brought with it a bit of magic to enjoy from here on: Velvet Winery launched a new range of wines, called Magiq.

This includes a white blend, vintage 2022, made from Fetească Regală and Chardonnay, as well as a red blend, vintage 2021, made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Fetească Neagră. In both cases, the blends start from the idea of an equal percentage between varieties, with small variations.

Velvet Winery, a "boutique" winery concept, is located in the heart of Dealu Mare wine region, the Tohani vineyard, in an area with a rich winemaking tradition, known for the production of high quality and complex wines.

Liviu Grigorică, the oenologist of Velvet Winery, told us a few words about these new wines at the beginning of this year:

"We wanted to select from the best wines made in favorable years and make a limited edition of wines: blends of the basic varieties we have in the plantation at the moment - Feteasca Regală and Chardonnay for the white wine and Cabernet Sauvignon and Feteasca Neagră for the red wine, vinified in contact with wood. The idea was to have complex wines, matured in wood, with bottle aging potential, wines that express as best as possible the qualities of our terroir as well as the imagination and technological knowledge of our team.

It was a team work in which the ideas were intertwined: the brand name, the unique label, the use of images by Răzvan Caratanase, the use of wax instead of hood.

Regarding the vinification process, for the white wine, the blend of Fetească Regală and Chardonnay - both varieties underwent cryomaceration before alcoholic fermentation, the selected wines were matured in French oak barrels for 10-11 months, second use. For the red wine, Fetească Neagră blend and Cabernet Sauvignon - both underwent a prolonged maceration for about 2 weeks, were matured in French oak barrels for over 16 months (first and second use barrels)."

The wines have just received their label and from January 2024 you will find them in HORECA. Also, whenever you want to go to Dealu Mare, Velvet Winery awaits you for a visit with wine tasting included, where you'll also be able to try these wines. The new wines from Magiq range will be included in the tastings of 6 wines, as well as in the tasting called the Winemaker Experience, presented by Liviu Grigorica, the oenologist of the winery. Here's an idea of a real winery experience for 2024! 

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