Primordial Elogium Merlot 2020 – a tribute to oenologist Philippe Cambie

Primordial Elogium Merlot 2020 – a tribute to oenologist Philippe Cambie

Domeniul Bogdan, a winery known for its organic and biodynamic wines produced in Dobrogea, has just launched a unique wine: Primordial Elogium Merlot 2020. This is the last wine created by the late Philippe Cambie in Romania.

As its name suggests, the wine pays tribute to its creator and also concludes a stage in the story of Domeniul Bogdan.

Philip Cambie was one of the most acclaimed oenologists internationally who was named "Oenologist of the Year 2010" and had 15 wines rated with 100 Parker points. Philippe Cambie was a consultant at Domeniul Bogdan winery and signed a lot of wines made in Dobrogea, wines highly appreciated by the public.

Talking to Oana Stan, Marketing Manager at Domeniul Bogdan, I learned that, although over time they had several Merlot harvests that they proposed to Philippe to be included in Primordial range, the 2020 harvest , the last one Philippe took care of, was special, and Philippe said "yes" to the addition of Merlot variety from that harvest to "Primordial" collection. Thus, Domeniul Bogdan is launching this spring the limited edition of 10,500 bottles of Primordial Elogium Merlot.

The first and last Merlot Primordial signed by Philippe Cambie, is a testimony to his passion and experience, a gift to the world of wine. A wine that reminds us that in every drop lies the story and passion of a man dedicated to his life.

Thanks to Philippe Cambie, the wines made in Dobrogea have attracted the attention of the international market, as well as the domestic market, carrying forward the principles of biodynamic agriculture that prioritize care for the environment and the future, wines that reflect the terroir, the geographical area from which they come from, as well as the talent of their creator.

The wine has an intense violet-red color. By smelling the wine you can feel aromas of forest fruits, blackberries, almonds, vanilla and wood. The taste shows firm tannins, as well as hints of blackcurrants, very ripe cherries and figs. The wine has 14.5% alcohol and has been matured partly in second-use medium-roast French barrique, partly in bigger barrels, for a minimum of 9 months. It is a gourmet wine that goes well with matured cheeses, beef and lamb dishes.

With this wine, one stage in the story of Domaine Bogdan ends, and another begins. Philippe Cambie hands over to Stephane Derenoncourt (pictured right in the image above) and his team.

From 2022 Stéphane Derenoncourt joined Domeniul Bogdan team as a consultant with his company, Derenoncourt Consultants. Stephane is a viticultural consultant from Bordeaux who has a solid reputation both in France and the world as an expert in vine cultivation. The Domaine de l'A wine estate in Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux, as well as Château Canon la Gaffeliere, Château Pavie Macquin, Château Prieuré-Lichine are linked to his name. At the same time, in 2014 the publication The Drinks Business named Stéphane "one of the 10 most influential people in the wine industry".

With its 154 hectares located in Murfatlar vineyard, Domeniul Bogdan is a daring winery: it started in 2011 with the goal to grow vines on its entire surface as naturally as possible, without using chemical products for the soil or plants. The goal is to create organic wines and biodynamic wines from the best quality, healthy and tasty grapes. I invite you to follow the wines made by Domeniul Bogdan in the future and, of course, to try the new Primordial Elogium Merlot!

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