Sauvignonasse 2022 – Bauer Winery

Sauvignonasse 2022 – Bauer Winery

I decided to visit as many wineries at their home as possible, which is why in the middle of May I arrived with great curiosity in Drăgășani region, a place I haven't been to since 2017.

I got to know the wines from Bauer Winery and Stirbey Winery and had tasty stories told by Oliver Bauer and Bauer Raluca. I remember wines like Sauvignonasse, Syrah and Petit Verdot at Bauer Winery and Novac and Negru de Drăgășani at Stirbey Winery, as well as the care for grapes, vineyard, people and the soul they put into everything they do.

Because the wines that remain in my soul on such a journey go home with me, I recently enjoyed the Sauvignonasse wine from the 2022 vintage, wine that had just been bottled when I arrived at the winery, had received the label and was ready to be released on the market.

It took a while until I got to enjoy it leisurely, but the heat lately made me try the white wines that I kept for "the right moment". So today I'm telling you about Sauvignonasse, 2022 vintage, made by Bauer winery.

Sauvignonasse is a lesser-known grape variety that is sometimes confused with Sauvignon Blanc, sometimes with Furmint, with Muscadelle and even Riesling.

Sauvignonasse, also known as Friulano (northern Italy), Sauvignon Vert (central France and Chile), Tocai or Tocai Friulano (Friuli, Italy) is a grape variety native to the Gironde area of southwestern France where it has never been widely cultivated. It was brought to Friuli region in northeastern Italy in the 19th century. (source: "Wine Grapes", Jancis Robinson, Penguin Books, page 959)

Sauvignonasse is a vigorous and fertile grape variety that buds early, ripens early to medium and is susceptible to a lot of diseases, making it more difficult to grow.

Sauvignonasse 2022, Bauer Winery

The wine has a lemon-green color and the smell is very persistent. On the nose I smelled aromas of lemon, ripe oranges, peaches, apricots, peach blossoms and a bit of melon.

Taste: the wine is dry, with an alcohol content of 13%, high acidity; the fruits I felt in the smell are also found in the taste. Peaches and peach blossoms were more evident in the taste than in the smell. The wine is fresh, with a special minerality and can be enjoyed as such, as well as with food (appetizers, salads, seafood, white meat dishes).

I recommend drinking this wine very cold (6-8 degrees), in moderation and with friends by your side.

You can find it on the Bauer Winery website, here.

Here you can find the words of the creator of this wine, Oliver Bauer:

"A true Sauvignonasse has less green or tropical fruit flavor, being more spicy, with more mineral characteristics. The key to its balance and typical expression lies in the combination of old vines, harvest time and correct winemaking. The result is a spiced, mineral wine with fine complexity and good aging potential.

Sauvignonasse 'Bauer' is light but complex - an expressive representative of this variety."
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