Primul - white, rose and red

Primul - white, rose and red

After Primul Roșu wine (Fetească Neagră, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, 2019 harvest) made by Marina Samoilă from remained in my heart at the end of 2021, I closely followed Marina's activity and the following wine releases.

This year at the beginning of summer Marina came with a complete surprise: after obtaining a Silver Medal at the famous Decanter competition with the wine mentioned above, she announced that she was launching not one but 3 wines from Primul range. A fresh white and a rosé, from the 2022 harvest, as well as the next Primul Roșu wine, made from Fetească Neagră, Syrah and Cabernet Franc.

So I bought 1 bottle of each to try them out and today it's time to share with you some tasting notes on Primul Alb (white) and Primul Rose.

I wanted this article to include the impressions of the Primul roșu (red), but the heat outside did not let me try it yet. As the other 2 wines are extremely fresh and tasty, I consider it's better to tell you about them now in the middle of summer when they go very well and I prefer to wait for the cooler autumn days to try  Primul roșu.

Primul Alb 2022

Made from Fetească Albă 60% grapes and Chardonnay 40% grapes, the wine has a light lemon yellow color. As I was puring the wine in the glass I felt its very persistent fruity notes.

In the smell I found aromas of green apple, melon (cantaloupe, the juicy one), pineapple, mango, even bananas, but also grapefruit and notes of cherry blossoms.

On the palate, notes of exotic fruits (pineapple, mango), as well as melon and grapefruit made their presence felt, and oranges, peaches, apricots and orange blossoms were added.

The wine is dry, with 13% well-integrated alcohol, it has a high acidity and is very well suited to be enjoyed on its own on a warm summer day, as well as with light dishes (salads, fresh cheeses, fish, seafood) .

I tasted this wine at 2 different temperatures and the differences were quite large.

Initially enjoyed at 12°C, mainly tropical fruit notes were highlighted in the aromas. Then enjoyed at 8°C, the wine becomes more floral, the sensation of freshness was accentuated and notes of cherry blossoms and even orange blossoms are more evident. Of course, the fruit notes are also there, but they are felt more both in the smell and in the taste when a few degrees are added to the wine while staying in the glass.

The wine was made by Marina Samoilă this time together with Valea Ascunsă. As she said since the launch of the first Primul wine, Marina creates the wines together with the wineries that have impressed her the most over time and I am glad that we are discovering new wineries along this path.

Primul Alb can be purchased here, on the website.

Primul Rose 2022

Made from Busuioacă de Bohotin and Pinot Noir grapes (harvest 2022), Primul rose is an extremely fresh and easy-drinking wine.

The light rose color invites you to enjoy the wine on a warm day and the smell immediately transports you to the heart of nature in the middle of an orchard of strawberries.

In the smell you can distinguish the aromas of strawberries, cherries, but also lemon, grapefruit, mango, apricot and apricot blossoms.

The taste is less fruity than the nose suggests, there are notes of strawberries and cherries here, but grapefruit and apricots dominate.

The wine is dry, has 12.5% alcohol, high acidity and can be enjoyed as it is or with food (salads, fish, seafood, fresh cheeses). Serving recommendation: very cold, at 6-8°C.

Primul Rose 2022 wine is made by Marina together with Domeniile Averești and the wine is in its second edition.

Primul Rose can be purchased here, on the website.

As for Primul roșu I promise to come back with an update on this article as soon as I try it.

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