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When you have the opportunity to visit a winery, it is not just a way to drink some wine. Of course, wine is an essential component in understanding what those people are doing there, but a visit to a winery is, or can be, much more.

When you visit a winery you discover the stories of the place, funny or dramatic events that happened over time in the vineyard, you know the people behind the bottle of wine you drink with friends, you discover the winemakers who live the wines they create and you understand that they fight their life is real and even if they sometimes manage to tame nature, often nature cannot be defeated. Wine is more than a drink precisely because of the stories behind it.

When I thought of the project, I thought of it precisely to put my shoulder to help the message of the wineries reach as many people as possible, but especially to give wine enthusiasts the opportunity to discover and experience the wineries as much as possible. To understand them and why not, to fall in love with their wines.

What we do on is a weekly excursion into a winery, presenting interviews, legends and knowledge about people, places and wine. You will be able to order the wine selections made by Marina, you will receive the tasting notes as if you are participating in a guided tasting, you will be able to join even online for a tasting together, you will be able to find out everything you would find in a visit at the winery but even more, you will be able to play because we also added a play component. In the wine packages, in addition to bottles and tasting sheets, we will add a game through which you will be able to earn points by answering questions about wine. Main and secondary flavours, acidity and many other features thus adding to the tasting experience and a social component, right from your home.

Did we convince you to go to the winery with us?
We are waiting for you on, every week with a different visit, at another winery.

- Alex & Marina

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