Crama DeMatei

Crama DeMatei


Crama DeMatei means a unique terroir that stretches over 80 hectares around the two hills, Tegăneanu and Zorilor, on which grows a vine that is over 40 years old. It's a terroir that demands respect, craftsmanship and painstakingness to express itself through large wines with very good ageing potential, which has been proven by every edition of Prince Matthew wine since 1998.

Then it means the skillful hand of the man who cares for and preserves the vine and who knows how to choose and capitalize on each bunch. I understood, however, that in order to bring out the best in our terroir, tradition must go hand in hand with technology for greater precision in the winemaking process.

It is from this fine balance between man, nature and technology that the wines of the Prince Matei Domains are born and grown.

Number de hectars: 100 hectares
Wine bottled annualy: 200.000 litri
Types of grapes: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Fetească Neagră, Fetească Albă, Fetească Regală. În 2021 au fost plantate soiuri noi, printre care Tămâioasă Românească, Cabernet Franc și Petit Verdot.

Wine Brands:
Prince Matei, Petit Matei, Domeniile Prince Matei, Domeniile Prince Matei Bistrot, Nasty.

Prince Matei
Prince Matei, a terroir wine, has its roots on the austere terraces of two hills: Tegăneanu and Zorilor. Over 40 years old vineyards, clay, gravel, and limestone create the complex personality, intensity, and finesse of this wine. Its history of over 20 years allows us to confidently appreciate its evolution over time. Even if the wine can be enjoyed after simple aeration in the glass, we recommend decantation of 20-30 minutes for a superior experience.

Petit Matei
Petit Matei, like the well-known Prince Matei, is also the product of the exceptional terroir from the Zorilor and Tegăneanu hills. Seductive from its first years, it is a supple and velvety wine, with fresh, intense, and juicy fruit aromas. Sensational even from the first moments after opening, you can aerate it in a decanter for 20-30 minutes for a superior experience

Domeniile Prince Matei
The Prince Matei Domains wine range represents a new generation of wines from Dealu Mare, one of the most celebrated Romanian wine regions. Modern and elegant, each wine can be appreciated alone or paired with food for a gastronomic experience. Feteasca Neagra grapes are part of each blend, even vinified in white!

Domeniile Prince Matei Bistrot

There are not many more graceful moments than those spent at the restaurant, when delicious dishes, along with the right wine, offer experiences that nourish the body and the soul.

The terroir and craftsmanship of Dealu Mare meet the strong personality of a winner, Ilie Năstase. The result is an expressive wine for the champions.

Wine Types

  • White Wine
  • Rose Wine
  • Red Wine

Wine Tourism

  • A visit to the winery is currently not available

Upcomming events

29 Jun
Crama DeMatei la Juno Wine Garden (Brașov)
Wine Tasting
Starts at 18:00  |  Strada După Ziduri, Brașov 500026, Romania
30 Jun
Crama DeMatei la Juno Wine Garden (Brașov)
Wine Tasting
Starts at 18:00  |  Strada După Ziduri, Brașov 500026, Romania


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