Piața Unirii 30, Cluj-Napoca 400000, Romania


People. Wines. Elegance. Professionalism.

Today's man moves fast. He is horrified by empty moments, especially if he left his phone at home, charging.

We live fast and, in this fast-paced landscape, wine offers a break. It brightens our lives. That's why there is always room for a good glass of wine in pleasant company, a tastefully prepared meal or maybe just a simple story with friends.

This is how a peace moment is born. Man relaxes and his soul opens to a new dimension. Then time seems to stop. So is the noise of the day.

Because wine is wise. It tames time because it is born in time. And from the ground. Out of patience, out of sunshine and peace.

Wine is born of people and, in gratitude, returns to them. His lesson is silent. The wine speaks only when poured into the glass. But speak in a whisper, only to those who have ears to hear.

About that is WineUp Fair in Transylvania.

April 5th - 7th 2024, Cluj

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