Tohani România

Tohani România




Gura Vadului 107300, Romania


Since 1773, Tohani has attracted passionate people, who loved life and amplified its creative force. From here, from the heart of Dealu Mare, for over 200 years, wines are created. A tribute to nature, tradition and excellence.

Located in the heart of the most famous viticultural area in Romania, DEALU MARE, TOHANI vineyard has been documented since 1773.

Tohani Domains continues its story under the sign of royalty, starting with 1930, when Prince Nicholas of Romania, brother of King Carol II, became the owner of this vast domain. In these lands he meets the beautiful Ioana Dumitrescu Doletti, daughter of a landowner from Tohani. The prince abdicates to follow the voice of his heart and marry Ioana Doletti. Thus, the story that touched the hearts of so many Europeans has been the inspiration for decades for the wines born here.

In 1948, Tohani Domains became state property and in the following years, through an association with specialists from Bordeaux, France, the winery was built and preserved to this day as a place to visit and a museum. Here is preserved the only wine cellar in the area, which houses over 100,000 bottles of vintage wines.

In the 2000s, the company was privatized and went through an extensive modernization process. Construction of a new factory with state-of-the-art technology, a new infrastructure, replanting of vines on important areas. This is the beginning of the modern period, when the South African oenologist, Albertus Vand Der Merwe, is brought to the Tohani team, bringing to Tohani the air of the new world, which perfectly complements the tradition and skill of the oenologist, Marin Ion, wine doctor, nationally recognized Thus, in Tohani, the mastery and skill of the oenologist shapes what nature has been providing for hundreds of years.

A unique terroir, tradition and attention to detail, are the only elements that give the possibility to create wines that define new quality standards. On these lands, recognized for the quality of red varieties, Feteasca Neagră finds the perfect conditions for development and achievement of perfection. The wine, obtained from this variety, is recognized as one of the best red wines in Romania, so Feteasca Neagră, APOGEUM, being awarded a gold medal at the most prestigious competition in the world, Concours Mondial De Bruxelles.

Wine Types

  • White Wine
  • Rose Wine
  • Red Wine
  • Dessert Wine
  • Sparkling

Wine Tourism

  • Tasting visits
  • Nearby accommodation

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