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Bucharest, Romania


"The Winederers - Passionate Wine Wanderers" is a project started from the passion for wine and travel, simple things that bring us joy.

We started to discover wine by traveling to the beautiful wine-growing areas of Europe, and this motivated us to learn as much as possible about wine, to participate and support tastings, to talk about wineries and the world of wine, but first of all to enjoy a bottle of fine wine with friends.

We aim to get lost on the “wine paths” and to bring to the Romanian market wines that are worth discovering, from boutique wineries or lesser-known wineries, which we carefully select after tasting the wines and meeting the people behind them.

Even when we can't travel, wine opens for all of us a world of emotional journeys to the area where it was made, where the specific soil and climate together with the work of the people in the vineyard and winery have polished it. Wine is also a sensory experience that brings us closer to the memories, states, tastes that we have experienced before and that suddenly return when we find them in a glass of good wine.

We want to share with you the story of the wines we import through tastings or private events and we are always open to talk about or around a bottle of wine.

For any questions, comments or requests, we are a click away at:

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