The History of the Wine Bottle - Book of the Month July 2023

The History of the Wine Bottle - Book of the Month July 2023

The book "The History of the Wine Bottle" was published in Romanian language by Baroque Books & Arts publishing house in "In Vino Veritas" collection. The book is written by Jean-Robert Pitte (President of the Academy of Wine in France) and is addressed to those who are curious to know how the wine bottle appeared, what shape it had before the shape we are used to today and what kind of containers were used before.

Across the English Channel, the wine bottle appears onion-shaped, pear-shaped, then cylindrical and straight-shouldered. In France, it is rather ovoid, with sloping shoulders, both in Champagne and in Burgundy or Bordeaux where, since the 19th century, cylindrical shapes with straight shoulders have prevailed.

The creators went further with their imagination:  the straw-clad bottle from Tuscany, the gourd-shaped bocksbeutel from Franconia, the clavelin bottle from Jura, the small Tokaji bottle with an elongated neck or the constantia from South Africa.

Without the invention of the bottle, wines would never have been able to age protected from air and light, and the personality of the regions and the year of production would never have been able to manifest themselves with such brilliance.

  • Before the wine bottle
  • From carafes to bottles
  • The triumph of the glass bottle
  • The birth of the great wine bottle designs in Europe
  • Regional niches
  • Thirty billion bottles of wine a year
  • Epilogue. An object created from imagination
Reasons to read the book - you will learn all sorts of interesting things from it such as:
- the glass container with the role of containing a liquid received the name "bottle" only in the 16th century
- cork stoppers begin to be used in the Champagne region around 1665
- today the most used type of bottle is the "Bordeaux" bottle with a perfectly cylindrical shape, with a short neck and prominent shoulders, this being the result of a long technical, commercial and cultural history
- you will find drawings of different bottle shapes dating from 1350 to 1880

Where you can find the book: on the website of the Baroque Books & Arts publishing house at the "In Vino Veritas" collection and in bookstores throughout the country.

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