Vin la Cultură

Vin la Cultură


Piața Unirii nr. 5, Iași 700056, Romania


Wine and gastronomy festival in Iasi

For us, "WINE TO CULTURE" (“VIN LA CULTURĂ”) has become a symbol of the efforts made to transmit this millennial tradition: the production of wine.

These few objects, chosen to represent the culture of wine, we want to be used by you, those who cross the picturesque areas of the country:

pen to describe the visited areas of a region
the corkscrew to release the wine from the bottle that held him captive
the glass to taste the fruit of a year of work in the winery that you will visit through your pilgrimages.

All three can be used at home to taste a wine and send a description, impression, opinion.

In all eight regions of Romania there are wineries waiting for you and we will present them here but we will do our best to bring them to your city, drawing the first connection between you and wine, but also between the community of your city and the toil behind wine bottle.

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