The first online magazine dedicated to the history of Romanian gastronomy and hospitality (with articles on universal gastronomic history and related fields). is a private initiative of the culinary journalist Cosmin Dragomir, which tries to cover a niche ignored both by public institutions and by a large part of those who work in the field. aims to bring together enthusiasts and specialists in this field.

Gastroart has published a series of gastronomy and wine books, including the book "Connaisseur fără ifose" signed by Cezar Ioan.

The most recent book launched was in the summer of 2021 when Cosmin Dragomir, the initiator of Gastroart, signed the book "Curatorul de Zacuscă". Along with the book, he launched "Vinul pentru Zacuscă" produced by Domeniile Averești, as well as a series of "zacuste" "La Borcan" were launched.

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