The 24 Hour Wine Expert - Book of the month March 2023

The 24 Hour Wine Expert - Book of the month March 2023

Published in "In vino veritas" collection of the Baroque Books & Arts publishing house, the book "The 24 Hour Wine Expert " written by Jancis Robinson is one of the easiest books to read when you want to get to know the world of wine.

Jancis Robinson is the author of several books dedicated to wine: from courses on wine, to the "World Atlas of Wine" (written with Hugh Johnson), to the book "Wine Grapes" (the most complete guide to grapes that includes 1368 varieties, written with Julia Harding and Jose Vouillamoz) and "Oxford Companion to wine" (written with Julia Harding).

She is one of the most valuable authors in the world of wine and here is what she says about this book : "For forty years I have been writing about wine and every day I keep learning something new. I intend in this volume to share with you from my experience, focusing on what is really important, from the desire to transform you, in just 24 hours, into genuine wine experts."

In this book you get explanations about what wine is and how it is made, how to choose the right wine both in the restaurant and in a shop, what to look for when it comes to the label of a wine bottle. There are chapters dedicated to wine tastings but also to choosing wine according to the food you want to eat or the occasion you want to associate it with.

Jancis answers in simple words to a lot of questions that you must have put yourself at some point when you were in front of a menu in a restaurant or in front of a wine rack in a store thinking of buying a wine for an evening for two or to give it as a gift. At the end of the book you also have access to a small dictionary ("Wine jargon") that explains the most used words in the world of wine.

  • Some simple explanations
  • Choosing the right wine
  • Bottles and labels
  • How we taste
  • The right wine for the right food
  • The right wine for the right occasion
  • It's worth the money?
  • Essential accessories
  • Other types of wine
  • How wine should be handled
  • Let's not forget the grapes
  • Wine regions and what we need to know about them. Essential Features
  • Wine Jargon
Reasons to read the book: If you want to understand the basics of wine in a short time this book is for you. Yes, it can be read in 24 hours and you can come back to it every time you're looking for a short answer.

For in-depth information about wines, I also recommend the other books written by Jancis Robinson, and you will have the opportunity to read about some of them in the coming months in the articles dedicated to books about wine here on Winesday App mobile application.

Where you can find the book: on Baroque Books & Arts publishing house website at "In Vino Veritas" collection and in bookstores throughout the country.

Carmina Nițescu
Winesday & Winesday App

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