Wine Secrets of Romania Dobrogea Region Vol II – Book of the month January 2024

Wine Secrets of Romania Dobrogea Region Vol II – Book of the month January 2024

The end of 2023 brought the second Volume from "Wine Secrets of Romania" series, a series of books created within the ProViRo project (Winelover Romania's Project) by the Winelover Romania Association.

I had the joy of finding the book under the Christmas tree and today, January 1st 2024, I recommend it as the "Book of the Month - January".

What you need to know about Winelover is an international community of wine lovers, with more than 28,000 wine lovers worldwide. Within this community, we also have a Winelover Romania representative, an association that does everything possible to make Romanian grape varieties and Romanian wineries known outside of Romania. For this reason, Winelover Romania created the ProViRo project, within which it publishes several books dedicated to the most famous wine regions from our country.

The second volume is dedicated to Dobrogea region, it has just been plublished in a limited number of copies and is edited by Elizabeth Gabay MW. It is the first time that a Master of Wine (MW) writes a book about a wine-growing region in Romania, an additional reason for joy. The volume is written in English and the focus was on the recognition of Romanian wines outside of Romania.

Răzvan Stoenescu, the initiator of Winelover Romania, is the one who took care of all the necessary organization for Elizabeth Gabay MW to visit the wineries in Dobrogea Region, to know the story of the wineries, to taste the wines produced in each one of them and then to tell the story about the experience she had at the wineries in this area. The volume is written in English and is intended to reach as many wine connoisseurs in the world as possible: the international Winelover community, sommelier schools and wine educators, specialized magazines, international wine competitions organizers, libraries. Currently only a number of 120 books are available for sale in Romania.

For the project of books about Romanian wines Răzvan chose specialists from the world of wine outside of Romania precisely so that they could discover Romanian wines and be able to tell the story after they tasted them.

Returning to the second volume, the one dedicated to the Dobrogea region, it includes the following chapters:
  • Brief history and winemaking in Dobrogea
  • Geographic position and terroir of Dobrogea
  • Grape varieties of Dobrogea
  • The wineries: stories, wines, tasting. The South Dobrogea. Murfatlar and the South Danube Region
  • Tourism and oenotourism
  • Romanian Traditional food and gastronomy
  • Conclusions
Reasons to read the book: you have the opportunity to get to know Dobrogea wine region better through the eyes of a Master of Wine, one of the most difficult certifications to obtain in the world of wine. At the same time, you have the opportunity to get to know other wineries compared to the ones you already knew in this region and to find out where you want to go on your next vacation in Dobrogea.

Where you can find the book: 
  • Online, on Winelover Romania Association's website, in the online shop.
  • Bucharest: CopyShop Document, Calea Griviței no. 8-10, ground floor, phone 0744 500 155
  • Brăila: Original Liquor Store, Bdul. Independentei 20 B, phone 0771 791 928
  • Iași: Blessing Hearts Association, phone 0745 008 174
The cost of the book is 105 RON, to which are added the transport charges if the book must be sent by courier.

Carmina Nițescu
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