Vinitaly April 2nd-5th 2023, Verona - Italy

Vinitaly April 2nd-5th 2023, Verona - Italy

Vinitaly is the leading wine & spirits trade fair in Italy targeting wine business operators on international markets.​​

Vinitaly came to life in Verona, Italy, but boasts a truly international vocation. It has embraced the entire global wine supply chain for 55 years. ​​

This year takes place between April 2nd and April 5th and there will be four days focused on promoting relationships between producers, buyers and stakeholders, as well as sharing experiences and skills. ​​

Vinitaly and the City welcomes Wine lovers to the historic centre of Verona, one of the most important capitals of wine in the world. ​

Vinitaly and the City is a journey of discovery, revealing excellence in wine and the beauty of the most significant locations in the historic centre of Verona, a UNESCO World Heritage city. If you are a wine lover and want to participate at Vinintaly you will have a great wine experience tasting wines from famous wineries, participating at masterclasses and having one to one discutions with the wineries' representatives.

Vinitaly  has 4 theme areas of interest:​
  • Vinitaly Bio​
  • Mixology​
  • Micro Mega Wines​
  • International Wine Hall. 

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