Wine Secrets of Romania Drăgășani Region Vol I – Book of the month April 2023

Wine Secrets of Romania Drăgășani Region Vol I – Book of the month April 2023

This spring brings the release of the first volume called "Wine Secrets of Romania" from the ProViRo project (Winelover Romania's Project) launched by Winelover Romania Association.

What you need to know about Winelover is an international community of wine lovers, with more than 28,000 wine lovers worldwide. Within this community, we also have a Winelover Romania representative, an association that does everything possible to make Romanian grape varieties and Romanian wineries known outside of Romania. For this reason, Winelover Romania created the ProViRo project, within which it will publish several books dedicated to the most famous wine regions from our country.

The first volume, dedicated to Dragășani region, has just been printed in a number of only 500 copies and is written by Julia & Bruno Scavo. The volume is written in English and the focus was on the recognition of Romanian wines outside of Romania.

Răzvan Stoenescu, the initiator of Winelover Romania, is the one who took care of all the necessary organization for the two authors, Julia and Bruno, to visit the wineries in the Drăgășani Region, to know the story of the wineries, to taste the wines produced in each one separately and then to tell the story from their experience at the wineries here. It took 1 year to document and create the book and now, in spring of 2023, the book is out of print and at this moment there are still 50 copies available.

For the project of books about Romanian wines Răzvan chose specialists from the world of wine outside of Romania precisely so that they could discover Romanian wines and be able to tell the story after they tasted them. At the moment, work is being done on volume II, which will be about Dobrogea.

Returning to the first volume, the one dedicated to the Drăgășani region, it includes the following chapters:
  • The Winemaking history of Drăgășani
  • Geographic position, climate of the PDO(DOC)  Drăgășani
  • Geographic position, climate of the PDO(DOC) Sâmburești
  • Grape varieties of  Drăgășani
  • The Wineries: stories, wines, tasting (Avincis Winery, Bauer, Winery, Casa Isarescu Winery, Iordache Winery, Cepari Winery, Domeniul Dragasi, Ferma Magureni Winery, Mennini Winery, Negrini Winery, Samburesti Sinery – Chateau Valvis, Prince Stirbey Winery, Via Sandu Wineri, Sparleni Winery, Vinarte Winery)
  • Romanian Traditional dishes and wine pairing
Reasons to read the book: it is the first volume about wines and wineries from the Drăgășani region published in recent years and the news that it was also launched at this year's edition of ProWein (Dusseldorf, Germany March 19-21, 2023) confirms that the information about Romanian wines and Romania from a viticultural point of view are starting to be known abroad.

Where you can find the book: only at Răzvan Stoenescu, the representative of the Winelover Romania Association. Orders can be made by email The cost of the book is 99 RON, to which are added the transport charges in case the book must be sent by courier. The book can be picked up free of charge from Răzvan in Bucharest.

Carmina Nițescu
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