The Periodic Table of Wine - Book of the month October 2023

The Periodic Table of Wine - Book of the month October 2023

The volume "The Periodic Table of Wine" appeared in Romanian language at the Baroque Books & Arts publishing house and it’s the newest in "In Vino Veritas" collection.

If you love wine, you like to analyze it and you like to understand it, the book "The Periodic Table of Wines" is for you. Sarah Rowlands, the author of this book, has put in a periodic table the best known grape varieties and appellations. The table resembles a periodic table of the elements you learned about in chemistry, only that in each quadrant you will discover a variety of grape or an appellation (designation of origin). You will also discover the relationship between the types of wine.

The table can be found right at the beginning of the book, then follows the explanatory section "How the table works"; the rest of the book consists of detailed explanations of each grape variety/designation of origin.

  • Introduction
  • White
  • Rose
  • Red
  • Sparkling
  • Sweet
  • Fortified
  • Further reading
  • Index
Reasons to read the book: provides an overview of wine styles and the relationships between them. It is a book to return to from time to time, when you need information about a specific type of grape.

Where you can find the book: on the website of the Baroque Books & Arts publishing house at the "In Vino Veritas" collection and in bookstores throughout the country.

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