Book of the Month

Winesday App supports wine education and informed wine consumption, which is why starting January 2023 we will be launching a new section of articles called "Book of the Month" which you will find on the Home page of the app.

In it we will talk about books about wine but also related fields (e.g. gastronomy), we will do short reviews and we encourage you to read about wine to discover new things.

In Romania Baroque Books & Arts publishing house has a whole collection of books about wine called "In Vino Veritas" we choose to start with reviews of a few books from this collection.

In recent years at Christmas time and during the other months of the year we read a lot of books about wine we leave below some pictures of them just to give you an idea about what books you will find out more details in the coming months.

Thus, starting from January 2023, on every 1st of the month, we will publish an article in "Book of the Month" section in Winesday App. The article will be accompanied by a push notification precisely to inform all those who have downloaded the application that a new article was published in the app. So if you've downloaded the app and logged in with an email address, you'll receive a "Book of the Month" notification every 1st of the month.

Happy reading and a happy New Year!

Carmina Nițescu
Winesday & Winesday App

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