Champagne of Kings – Book of the Month December 2023

Champagne of Kings – Book of the Month December 2023

The book "Champagne of Kings. A history of the first champagne factory in Romania, Pivnițele Rhein & CIE (1892 - 2022)" written by Dorin Stănescu was published in 2022 by Polirom publishing house.

The book takes you through the history of sparkling wine in Romania from the time of Carol I. The initiative of King Carol I to develop and modernize Romania is a lesson about how the will of a man, his belief in values and principles, the ability to mobilize and animate the others through his own example can generate important transformations in a country.

At the end of the 19th century, a small community of Saxons understood the potential of the Prahova Valley and settled in this area on the border between the Old Kingdom and Austro-Ungaria. With the support of King Carol I, in a short time the highest pace of industrialization in Romania was registered here.

The story of the Rhein family, which played an essential role in the modernization of Romania, is closely related to that of the towns on the Prahova Valley, especially Azuga, and the Royal House of Romania.

In Azuga, among other things, a beer factory, a wine warehouse and a champagne factory were built, the latter making the Rhein family famous both in the country (where his company became the official supplier of the Royal House) , as well as abroad. The history of the family overlapped with that of champagne in Romania, from the first success, gaining fame and the glory years, until the decline during the communist period.

In The Champagne of Kings, Dorin Stănescu reveals the elements that led to the astonishing success of the famous drink and the unprecedented development of the newly industrialized localities, an example that when officials and entrepreneurs collaborate for a common goal, nothing is impossible.

  • Chapter 1. From the village of Intre Prahove to the "Manchester of Romania". Brief History of Azuga settlement
  • Chapter 2. King Carol I and the construction of industrial identity at Azuga. The Royal House of Romania and the settlements on Prahova Valley, 1881 – 1947
  • Chapter 3. The Rhein Family and the Azuga Empire. Elements of history of a Saxon family and the German colony from Azuga and Bușteni
  • Chapter 4. From the wine warehouse to the first champagne factory in Romania. Sketch of a history of the Romanian champagne industry up to 1948
  • Chapter 5. From Azuga to Paris, London and Barcelona via Bucharest. Participation of the Rhein Company in the great universal and national exhibitions. Advertising strategies and types of advertisements in the national press
Reasons to read the book: you have the opportunity to find out how the world of wine was seen in ancient times and how the sparkling wine industry developed in Romania.​

Where you can find the book:  on Polirom publishing house website and in bookstores throughout the country.

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