Pe cărările Dobrogei - Bike & Hike (Dobrogea)

Pe cărările Dobrogei - Bike & Hike (Dobrogea)


Str. Straja NR.16, Somova 827210, Romania


Dates and Hours:

Friday, 17th May 2024 - Sunday, 19th May 2024
18:00 - 15:00


Ancient land, with millennia of history, perched at the edge of the sea, a fascinating realm of contrasts, inhabited since ancient times by Geto-Dacian tribes, later favored as a Greek civilization shore, attracting entire families of merchants, craftsmen, soldiers, and sailors, Dobrogea today stands as an area with immense tourist potential. History, a spectacle of light and color created by the gentle rays bathing the sea, stops over the vineyards laden with grapes of La SAPATA Winery.

This spring we meet again for a special event, in a new Bike&WINE weekend edition, in Dobrogea.

We start the weekend with a route of ~35 km on Dobrogea trails, on the hills of Niculițel, close to the vineyards of SARICA NICULIțEL, surrounded by nature.

After lunch, we stop at La Sapata winery for local wine stories and local delicacies.

On Sunday, we'll relish a hiking experience on the Pricipan Ridge in the Macin Mountains.

Over 2 days, we'll combine cycling and hiking in a special natural setting, where you'll immerse in local culture, taste regional gastronomy, and embrace the unique Dobrogean lifestyle.

For registration and more details, please send us a message at or on whatsapp at +40740166791.
looking forward to see you again!

CarpathBike team