Wine book: The curious world of wine

Besides the fact that I like to try new wines all the time, I like to find out all sorts of things about wine. So I read, I take classes from time to time, I go to tastings and wineries just to discover new things. In the field of wine, I feel that I always have something to learn, no matter how much I would have known by then.

And because I had more time to read lately, I discovered some very interesting books about wine. Books that I recommend to you and today I want to present you the book I just finished.

"The curious world of wine. Wine and history. Spirit and Essence” written by Richard Vine that was published in Romanian language at the Baroque Books publishing house in the collection“ In Vino Veritas ”.

I knew the "In Vino Veritas" collection from Baroque Books because I have a few books from this collection and I would love to have the entire collection. But I only discovered it when some of the first books printed were already sold out.

While reading this book, I learned something about its author, Richard Vine, who worked for 21 years in wine industry and was also a consultant for American Airlines flights in terms of selecting the wines on board the company's flights. I realized that I never thought that an airline would need a wine consultant, a product so little demanded today during flights, but such an important product and probably required in various variants within Business Class (and yet, in the past it seems that on board the planes you had a lot of wines to choose from - I have to find out more about this aspect).

Returning to "The Curious World of Wine" I can say that it is an easy to read book that presents in short stories all kinds of curiosities about wine, legends and stories about what people thought about wine from older times, about entrepreneurs in wine, about historical characters passionate about wine and more.

I read the book in a few hours, a little every day, finding out along the way all sorts of things that brought me either a smile or an "aha!" when I realized that I had heard about that story before and now something new is being added to it.

This is how I found out, for example:

  • about the wine from the Stone Age
  • where does the word "toast" come from
  • how some wineries in America managed to survive during the ban (and some, like Gallo, to increase their grape production) by selling grapes so that the population could make wine at home (up to 800 l / year and only for private consumption)
  • why it's called "honeymoon" (and especially how it relates to wine)
  • how Dom Perignon accidentally discovered champagne (well, I knew that story)
  • about Thomas Jefferson's passion for wine (who was the most influential supporter of wine during the early days of American independence), Benjamin Franklin and George Washington
  • what the "Paris Judgment" of 1976 meant when French wines with US wines were put face to face for the first time in a blind tasting (I knew this story also and I'm glad I found references to it in 3 books so far)
If I made you curious, please tell me what you think of the book after reading it. It is possible that the passion for wine will become more intense 🙂

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